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Deze pagina heeft alleen betrekking op onze vuurwerkgeluiden Cd die in Groot-Britanië wordt uitgegeven en pas later in 2015 of begin 2016 in Nederland uitkomt.

Rights and credits

Rechten en credits

This page is ment to be an attribution page on behalve of the used Cd content from Creative Commons. All the credits shown on this page refers to our cd pressed in 2014 with the cover and ISDN number shown on the right.

Alle rechten voorbehouden.

This production uses these sounds from freesound:
Attribution conditions
Track 5  CC by Jovica    
Track 7 CC by Dobroide
Track 9 CC by Ingsey101
Track 11 CC by Inchadney
Track 23 CC by Escortmarius

Track 25   © may 5 2013 Robert Gacek and © Ravenheights

All rights reserved to © Ravenheights | | |

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